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  • Hey guys, check that hydro date on your paintball tank, because your Fiber wrapped HPa Nitro/air Tank and special 3HT steel bottles must be hydro tested every 3* years and that 3AA Steel or 3AL Aluminum bottle must be hydrotested every 5 years.  It's one of those DOT Requirements.   Yes the US Department of Transportation has their hooks in us paintball guys (and gal's). 
  • Well that's the bad news.  The good news is, just send it to the Paintball HydroSmith at our Hydro Lab and we will hydrotest the bottle, give it a good visual inspection, put on a small and attractive HYDRO sticker verifying it has been recertified and have it in the UPS Van within 24 hours of
    delivery. Return shipping, is just $11.95 any where in the US.  All this will meet DOT requirements
    for hydrotest certification and get you back on the field. 

  • The other good news is we like paintball tanks at the HydroLab. That means that your bottle won't
    get lost, damaged and or regulator marred. But the best news is that 99.9% of all paintball bottles pass the hydrotest. Why? because you guys take great care of your bottles, unlike the SCUBA guys
    and the fire department guys, so keep it up folks (yes, we test SCUBA and Fire Department bottles too).

    Get the Bottle Tested
    ..........Follow these 5 easy steps
1. Name on Tank :  Mark Tank with your full name (tape and/or magic marker)
2. No Pressure in tank:

Remove all PRESSURE from the tank. It's a must.

3. Remove Regulator

Remove and keep the valve/regulator, Tape over the open end.
or better yet
Have us remove valve/regulator (extra $6.00)
Don't take the chance of damaging your regulator or tank
We use custom tools for damage free removal

4. Fill Out Info Sheet:

Fill out Info sheet Click Here Complete pricing information

5. Ship to HydroLab:

5000 Burwell st,
Bremerton, WA. 98312

You re-attach regulator,
Or have
HydroLab re-attach?

We will re-attach your regulator for $5.00. You will get a new O-ring, cleaned threads, proper application of Loctite and torque.. PLAY IT SAFE, let HydroLab Re-Attach.

  • Turn Around time: We will test and return the bottle to you within 24 hours of receiving
    it, bottles received on Friday will usually go out on Friday. You can usually plan on getting a one
    week turn around "door to door" or faster. Anywhere in the USA. If you want it quick, check the
    "second day air" and get it quick.
  • We repair scratched, dented and dinged bottles. If we cannot repair the bottle to pass a
    hydro, we don't charge you for either the repair or hydro. Just the $6.00 return shipping charge.
    Call first for advice. The Hydrolab loves to talk to any player in the US and Canada. All repairs
    are $5.00. Aluminum bottles are never repaired... sorry. Just the HPA fiber wrapped.
  • Removing and Replacing the regulator. One of the biggest reasons bottles are
    failed is from the improper application of locktite subsequent thread damage. Know what the manufacturer requires for your cylinder/regulator combination. Also know how much torque is
    required for your set up (not very much). Never use a strap wrench on the bottle and never use
    vise grips
    on the regulator. Yes, removal and replacement of the regulator very often requires
    special tools

    General Information:
    Anything over 300psi is high pressure!... always treat it with respect

  • Required Testing Cycle:  3 or 5 year?Some newer Fiber Wrapped cylinders now have a 5 year
    test cycle. Drop us a note, we will check the DOT letters for you. We will need the original date
    and the "E" number. Click here to go to "how to read fiber wrapped bottles. We are happy to
    figure out the test cycle for you. Send a note with the "E-........." number and the original test date to
    Tank Test Cycle Check.
  • High Pressure Air: Sometimes called Nitro tanks (nitrogen or air).  Peak tank pressure is between
    3000 psi and 4500 psi.  They can be steel, aluminum and aluminum/fiber wrapped.

  • Fiber wrapped: These bottles usually need to be tested every 3 years.  The Newer ones may be
    tested every 5 years.   They have a 15 year life.
    Drop us a note if you are unsure at Tank Test Cycle Check.
  • Steel and Aluminum: Most Need to be tested every 5 years and have a unlimited life. However
    steel bottles that have 3HT stamped on them, should be tested at least every 3 years and have
    a life span of 24 years.
  • CO2 tanks: 2 inches or less in diameter do not need to be tested. They usually have a 1800 psi limit. Greater than 2 inches in diameter or greater must be tested every 5 years. These bottles are
    not fiber wrapped. These are considered high pressure too.
  • Proper care of your bottle includes impact prevention, never over fill beyond the certified pressure, inspect each time you fill and have a airsmith or hydro station to do a professional visual inspection inside and outside annually (the scuba guys have been doing this for 40 years).  Always play safe.

Great Information Sites:

  • Carlton Industries A great place to learn how to read the tag on the fiber wrapped bottle, and a
    whole lot of general information on paintball tanks.
  • Luxfer Cylinders: Lots of great info on Luxfer paintball bottles.
  • Visual Inspection Procedures (VIP) PSI  Bill High's training program for inspecting HP cylinders. 
    All Paintball store, parks and fill stations should endorse there procedures.
  • Ways to read Aluminum Tank Markings This is a great site to learn how to read tank markings on
    steel and aluminum bottles.  These guys play battle ship, and love blowing up each others rc model boats.
  • MRPL Maine Recreational Paintball League. Suggested Refill Safety. These guys run a great
    program and give some great advice.

  • Home of HydroLab.
  • How we test paintballs

    FYI: Exemption Numbers That number on your tank that starts with "E-" doesn't mean the bottle is exempt from testing, it means the manufacturer is required to have a current authorization letter
    on file with the DOT.  These letters describe what requirements the DOT and the manufacturers have placed on the bottle's use, the testing requirements and other important information.  We have seen some stores and paintball web sites say that they (the exempt bottles) are exempt from testing, they
    are not exempt from testing, all "E" bottles must be tested (requalified).,,,,,

for all HPA Nitro/Air tanks
no need to send financial Info Over the Internet
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High Pressure Air (HPa)
Fiber wrapped
Test every 3 or 5 years?
15 year life

contact us to know exact test cycle
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Aluminum Cylinders
HP/CO2 Aluminum Test Every 5 years

and 3HT Steel every 3 years (24 year life)

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Bottles 2 inches in diameter or less DO NOT have to be tested. Click here for DOT Regulations


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